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7611 Stay Asleep Buddies от Cloud B


Stay Asleep Buddies are interactive, plush pals who teach children when to sleep and when to wake!

  • Code: 303-7611 CLB ТАРАЛЕЖ Музикална играчка сън-треньор Stay Asleep Buddies
  • Manufacturer: CloudB
  • Weight: 0.650 Kgs
List Price: 69,90лв.
Price: 65,01лв.
Discount: 4,89лв. (7.00%)
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Stay Asleep Buddies are interactive, plush pals who teach children when to sleep and when to wake! Using gentle melodies and glowing lights, children quickly learn to distinguish between bedtime and playtime – meaning more sleep time for both of you! Plus, the Stay Asleep Buddies are easily programmable for a full night’s rest or a much-needed nap.

Functioning as a sleep trainer, nightlight and sound soother all in one, Stay Asleep Buddies are the perfect solution for developing healthy sleep routines. Simply set the timer and Stay Asleep Buddies will do the rest.


Bedtime Soother

Nightlight eases fear of the dark with calming amber glow
Sound soother plays dreamy lullaby

45 minute auto shut-off timer ensures complete darkness & quiet during 
child’s deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians
Motion sensor triggers lullaby and nightlight when kids wake during the night or get up too early 

Programmable nap and sleep timer (1-12 hours)
Wake Up Buddy

Plays happy wake-up tune in the morning or after nap time
Bright green glow lets kids know when it’s okay to get up
Adjustable volume control for both melodies
Long-lasting LED lights extend battery life and stays cool
Plush Pal

Exceptional quality construction and super soft plush
Portable pal can go anywhere your child goes
Ideal for ages 1-3
What’s in the Box:

Cuddly, plush pal that functions as a nightlight, sound soother and sleep trainer
Storybook & Adoption Certificate to solidify your child’s bond with this new bedtime buddy
3 AAA batteries

The Sleep Solution You’ve Been Dreaming Of
Every parent dreams of it at one point or another – that their kids would go to sleep at the push of a button. And that they’d stay in bed. And that they wouldn’t wake up at the crack of dawn. With Stay Asleep Buddies, your wishes can come true! The sleep geniuses at Cloud b have made a multifunctional product that uses proven techniques for helping establish healthy sleep routines and promote better sleep. Plus, it’s a super cute, plush pal for your child – making it an even more effective tool for easing bedtime anxiety, empowering children to self-soothe, and understanding when to wake up. Soon, your child will be sleeping better, you’ll be sleeping better, and your whole family will be healthier and happier!

The Easiest Sleep Trainer to Use!
Simply set the sleep timer to the number of sleep hours desired (1-12) 
and with the press of a button, your child’s sleep routine begins. A bedtime lullaby and calming amber nightlight will lull your little one off to the land of nod and automatically turn off after 45 minutes to create a quiet, dark environment for deeper sleep (as recommended by pediatricians). Even better, if your child wakes up during the night, or needs reassurance that they are still supposed to be in bed, a motion sensor inside the Stay Asleep Buddies will reactivate the lullaby and nightlight features. No more bouncing out of bed a bazillion times a night! When the timer reaches the end of the countdown, the green wake-up LEDs will illuminate and a "Happy Wake-Up" tune will play letting your child know that it's okay to get up. Green means go! (And go and go and go – as tiny tots do!)

Makes an Awesome Gift!
Trust us, parents will be singing your praises! What’s better than the gift of sleep?

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7611 Stay Asleep Buddies от Cloud B

7611 Stay Asleep Buddies от Cloud B

List Price: 69,90лв.
Price: 65,01лв.
Discount: 4,89лв. (7.00%)