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LEGO CITY Fire Boat - 60109


LEGO CITY Fire Boat - 60109

  • Code: 60109 LEGO Конструктор City Пожарникарска лодка Fire Boat
  • Manufacturer:
  • Weight: 1.200 Kgs
Price: 168,90лв.
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Save the lighthouse and rescue the keeper with the Fire Boat!

The lighthouse is on fire! Rush to the rescue in the Fire Boat, aim the water cannon and put out the flames with the special water stud shooter. Send the diver out to make sure the lighthouse keeper is safe. Keep the lighthouse from burning down!

Includes 5 minifigures: the Captain, 2 male firefighters, a female firefighter and the lighthouse keeper.
Features a Fire Boat and a lighthouse.
Fire Boat features a detailed bridge, searchlights, kitchen, medical station and special stud-shooting water cannon with a maneuverable water cannon crane arm.
Lighthouse features a small pier and shack.
Position the Fire Boat to fight the lighthouse fire.
Launch the dinghy to rescue the lighthouse keeper.
Shoot the water elements with thespecial stud-shooting cannon to put out the fire.
Accessory elements include flames, 2 fire extinguishers, mugs, glass, pan, stretcher, water elements, water element storage, wrench, axe, walkie-talkie and a first aid kit.
Fire Boat measures over 11” (30cm) high, 12” (32cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide.
Lighthouse (with pier and shack) measures over 6” (17cm) high, 6” (15cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep.
Dinghy measures over 3” (9cm) long, 1” (5cm) wide and under 1” (2cm) high.

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LEGO CITY Fire Boat - 60109

LEGO CITY Fire Boat - 60109

Price: 168,90лв.